A homemade tactical card board game inspired by LARP! (Live Action Role Play)

A homemade tactical card game inspired by real-life adventures within welcoming and supportive LARP communities. 

Combine strategic gameplay with familiar mechanics to simulate engaging fantasy battles with your friends and adventuring companions!

14 Classes

14 different categories of units with behaviors and mechanics unique to their own paradigms.

Deploy your best formations and conquer the battlefield!


Trained for team coordination, these seasoned fighters lead at decisive moments to claim victory.


Ruthless agents of battle that exist to annihilate all those unfortunate to cross their paths.


Devotees whom wield the very scales of life into battle. To preserve it or extinguish is at the mercy of their conviction.


Weavers of powerful spells that render the concept of all obstacles to naught but calculations.


Hunters most adept in the field of ranged combat. Their focus in engaging enemies from afar assures safety for their allies.


Adaptation knows no bounds in the hands of these weathered survivalist. Shifting paradigms and abilities to support front-line or back.


Performers who inspire insight into action. True believers of their fellow walkers in life.


Those that communicate and draw from the immeasurable forces of nature and embrace them onto themselves.


Tipping the scales with boundless spirit and destructive potential in the midst of battle is but one path to complete balance. 


Honed in darkness, they have become practitioners of death in all of its fearsome forms. 


Denizens of the land who invest in the flourishing of their community and foundation for all within their borders. 


Those who embrace the call of one's own primordial power to prosper as they see fit. 


Brave knights whom have chosen the path of strength for the protection of their allies.


Fallen knights that flourish in the chaos sowed into the soil of conflict.

Pack Sets

Welcome Adrift
Pack Contents: 15 Unit Cards
Cards in set: 62 Unit Cards

Welcome Adrift Set Check List- Coming Soon
Condensed Welcome Adrift Set Check List- Coming Soon

Shining Heroes
Pack Contents: 8 Foil Unit Cards
Cards in set: 81 Unit Cards

Welcome Adrift Set Check List- Coming Soon
Condensed Welcome Adrift Set Check List- Coming Soon

Adventure Rising
Pack Contents: 16 Unit Cards (1 Foil)
Cards in set: 93 Unit Cards

View the Adventure Rising Set Check List
Condensed Adventure Rising Set Check List- Coming Soon


Thank you to everyone who supported this project.

Todd Cahn

William Vargas

Jessica Ballestros

Joseph Snider

Brian Sanchez

Brandon Tyler

Levi Cravens

T.J. Barnett

Jennifer Joseph

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